JOIN US from 1:00-3:00 p.m. for a special historical event. The 3rd NY Regiment will symbolically reenact two battles from the American Revolution. These battles occurred on the grounds of St. George’s.

COME OUT and see troops in full battle regalia. Starting at 1:00 p.m., you will see:

-Welcoming committee comprised of the representatives from St. George’s Church and the Regimental units of 3rd NY Regiment, the 42nd British Regiment, the 1st Rhode Island Regiment of Foot, and the unit of the Huntington Militia. 

-The 1st Rhode Island Regiment of Foot became known as the “Black Regiment” because it recruited African American soldiers starting in 1778. Today’s reenactment group is composed mainly of African Americans who represent the brave contribution made by Black soldiers to the Revolution.

-Opening speech by Commander Freleng, 3rd New York Regiment, on the aspect of history and to welcome everybody to the festivities

-Presentation of the guard and colors

-Reenactments of forces quartering at the church and firing on the church’s steeple for target practice

  • Salute by the troops British and American; two volleys each on the Church’s grounds.
  • Troops assemble in front of Church to give a final maneuver salute
  • Ending ceremony speeches from Church’s Rector and Village Historian
  • Speech by 3rdNY Regiment member to talk about what it is to be an American
  • Final closing tribute to St George’s Church, showing the colors of each Regiment

A brief historical tour of St. George’s 1822 sanctuary will follow, given by Hempstead Village Historian and St. George’s warden Reine Bethany.

The 3rd NY Regiment is a nonprofit living history organization. Its members are a diverse group united by a common interest in American history, specifically the War of American Independence. The times and events it recreates begin in 1775 and continue through to the end of hostilities in 1783.

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