Guild of The Christ Child

The Guild of the Christ Child is aimed at fostering the Christian development of the children of the church from baptism throughout the church school years and beyond. The Guild is involved in multiple programs, such as Adopt-a-Family Program, Toys for Tots collection, Gifts for the Newly Baptized, and many others.

Our Members:

  • President: Bertha Sanders
  • Vice President: Evelyn Meade
  • Secretary: Janice Lindo
  • Assistant Secretary: Paulette Lalljee
  • Treasurer: Monique Davidson Tucker

The Guild of the Christ Child is open to all women of the church interested in ministering to children.  If you are interested in learning more, want to make a donation or wonder how you can help, please contact any of the members above.

Episcopal Church Women

All baptized women in the church are automatically members of the Episcopal Church Women. This means that although you may not attend their meetings or activities, you are a part of this group and are always welcome to attend. If you would like to pray, meditate, and follow the path that Christ leads with the Episcopal Church Women, please feel free to join. The ECW is headed by President Janice Lindo and Vice President Jacklyn Lloyd.

Brotherhood of St. Andrew

The Brotherhood is mandated to focus on its disciplines of Prayer Study and Service, of which Scouting, Mentoring, and Computer classes are included.  They are involved in the annual Christmas Toy Drive, the Church’s New Year’s Eve Dance and Mother’s Day Brunch.   The Brotherhood is very much a part of the Nassau Assembly which includes all the chapters in Nassau.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a group of dedicated parishioners who care for the altar, vestments, and other supplies needed in the church. They handle donations of thanksgiving and remembrance, as well as donations for flowers and candles to decorate the altar.

After the election at this year’s Annual Meeting, the officers are as follows:

  • Director: Evelyn Meade
  • Flowers, Palms, Harvest Coordinator: Evelyn Meade

Helping hands and new members are always welcome.