Welcome to

Historic Saint George’s Episcopal Church

319 Front Street Hempstead, New York 11550         516-483-2771


Parish Clergy, Musicians & Staff

The Reverend Frederic A. Miller, Interim Rector

The Very Reverend P. Allister Rawlins, Rector Emeritus

The Reverend Richard H. Lutz, Rector Emeritus

Dr. Albert Stanek, Organist

Ellen Schutt, Organist Emerita

Caron Langaigne, Parish Administrator

Oscar Hall, Sexton

Courtesy of Glen Bentley

Members of the Vestry


William Johnson (Class of 2018) Michael Hunte (2019)

Vestry Members:

Michael Amadi,  Rosalind Whitehall (Class of 2018)

Raphael Roper, Donald Franklin (Class of 2019)

Joan Oxford, Ena Taylor (Class of 2020)


Aaliyah Johnson, Pacika Guerra


Janet Gordon


Joan Pinard


Beverly R. James

The Episcopal Dioceses of Long Island

The Rt. Rev. Lawerence Provenzano, Bishop of Long Island

The Rt. Rev. Geralyn Wolf, Assistant Bishop